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Sonic Application Online for Drive-In and Corporate Jobs

Sonic application online is open for drive-in careers and corporate careers. Sonic Corporation has been more than 50 years running the restaurant industry and now it becomes the largest restaurant chain in America. There are a lot of sonic drive-in locations in almost all states in America. These restaurants are independently owned and operated in franchise’s system.

Sonic drive-in restaurants offer super delicious food from burgers to coneys and hotdogs. But the secret recipe is not the only thing that influences the success of the company. The fun place with friendly service and good management is another key success of the restaurants. So if you want to be a part of the company success, you consider about joining the team. If you are a kind of career-oriented person who is passionate of working hard together with cool people, this will be the right place for you to start your career.

Sonic Drive-in Careers

Drive-in positions are intended for those who have a commitment to giving exceptional customer service. There are some positions that you can apply. Let’s begin with crew member. Sonic is looking for motivated individuals who have a passion for Sonic. As a member of Sonic Crew you will perform some duties such as taking order, preparing orders, and serving guests with keenness. You should also responsible for the sanitation of the drive-in. Therefore, your tasks also include trash disposal and washing dishes. Prepare your Sonic application online if you think you are a kind of warm and friendly person who enjoy giving satisfying and well-mannered service to the guests.

For those who are good cooking, the best position for you is to be a cook. As a Sonic Cook, you must have basic cooking skills. In the restaurants you are responsible to prepare and cook food ordered by guests following the product quality standards. Preparation and cooking includes dressing items, portioning cooking on the grill, and the like. Cleaning and menu packaging are other extra duties.

Or, you may be interested in Carhop position. This is a very fun job especially for those who love roller skate. As a Sonic Drive in Carhop, there are several duties to perform including checking all menu items based on operational standard, welcoming and serving the guests warmly, and cleaning trays. As Sonic Drive In Carhops you should be at roller skate when delivering guests, they should successfully complete the Skating Training Program. Requirements for these jobs include general knowledge of restaurant industry, good communication skills, ability to work irregular house, reading skills, and basic math skills.

Some people enjoy management positions. If you belong to these people, you can apply for either assistant manager or general manager. An assistant manager assists the general manager in operating the restaurant. Meanwhile a general manager is responsible for managing the whole store operation from recruiting new members to directing all staffs, from monitoring inventory to resolving guests’ complaints, etc. With such big responsibilities, candidates should be at least high school diploma or equivalent and should have at least 2 years of retail management experiences. This position will be the one that is suitable for you if you find yourself knowledgeable about restaurant business and management, and also have excellent leadership skills. Application for Sonic drive-in positions is to be submitted online or use download sonic printable application, fill it out and directly given to the manager of the franchise restaurant in your area. So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss the beautiful chance to work while having fun in Sonic restaurants with fantastic people who will be your family and motivator. Isn’t it interesting? You will also get competitive pay and career expansion.

Corporate Careers

Some people enjoy corporate style. Corporate careers include several fields such as accounting, IT, marketing, supply chain, design, general business, and food service. If you have experiences in IT business process and management, you can try applying for the positions in IT area. The requirements for It positions include strong computer skills, having a good mastery of Agile methodology concepts and Project Management Methodology. In the design area, you can apply for a position of Packaging Manager.

At the moment, there is an opening for the position in Oklahoma City. For those who studied in accounting, right now Sonic also opens a position of Intern Accounting in Oklahoma City. This position will work in brand accounting, corporate accounting, payables, SOX compliance, and fixed assets. Some other people may be good at marketing. Develop your marketing knowledge and skill in Sonic marketing division. There are still some corporate positions available in some locations. The details of each job including the essential duties, qualifications, requirements, and direct link to the Sonic application online can be accessed to the Sonic career website. So, visit the website and search career that matches your qualifications. Once you find the one, apply for it. Always come back again to the website because the job openings are always updated.

If you prefer to use Sonic Drive in Application Print Out you can find one below. However, because of Sonic is fully independently owned and operated, then you may find out various application form.

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